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God Vs. (Super Bowl) Football

This Sunday, America’s attention will be captured by Super Bowl 2015 in Arizona, as the New England Patriots face off against the Seattle Seahawks. Opinions on the game are running at full bore. Who will win? What is the spread? … Continue reading

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Heroes: What Men Need to Know About Super Bowl XLVIII

Former NFL quarterback Jeff Kemp was, with his father Jack Kemp, one of only six father-son quarterback combos in the NFL. Having learned something about football and manhood from his father, Jeff points us to an important lesson for all … Continue reading

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Jesus is Better Than the Super Bowl

This Sunday will be dominated by Super Bowl XLVIII as the Denver Broncos take on the Seattle Seahawks. The Super Bowl is one of the biggest aspects of American culture, but there is something bigger, and better, than the game … Continue reading

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Giving Up the NFL to Follow Christ

Chris Norman was ranked as high as third best linebacker in the country. The NFL was the next step in his future. But all that changed, because of the glory of Christ. Does Chris’s decision shock you? Would you be … Continue reading

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