CIY: Christ In Youth

As Planet Wisdom cancelled their annual event this year, we have raised up another amazing opportunity for your junior high students to enjoy and learn from this summer! during the days of June 2nd-5th many of our 6th-9th graders (their grade as of fall 2019) will be heading to Lake of the Ozarks, Missouri for CIY MIX!

CIY MIX Canva Promotional

CIY MIX Information:
Time and Date: July 29th- August 1st, 2019
Allowed Students: current 5th-8th graders (6th-9th graders as of fall 2019)
Location: Lake of the Ozarks, Missouri at Windemere Conference Center

Purpose of Event: “Amplifying the call of Christ in the lives of students to become kingdom workers.”
Teaching: All teaching and discipleship is biblical and grounded in God’s inerrant Holy Scriptures.
Teachers: The teachers who will be present for the discipleship retreat bear the claim by CIY to be some of the top junior high speakers in the nation.
Worship: All worship through singing, though done in an energetic and contemporary setting and theme, is done to aid our students in worshiping God individually and corporately.
Prayer: Prayer is a major theme throughout CIY. CIY seeks to fulfill their purpose through relying on God and knowing Him. Therefore, we have to talk to Him and know what His will is.

How to Reserve Your Student’s Spot: Tell Pastor Derek in person OR through a verifiable written consent that your student will be joining us for this retreat (Email, on his door’s white board, phone call, text message, or a note under his office door).
Price of One Student Ticket: $279 for the 4 days of the discipleship retreat.
Financial Aid Scholarship: Financial assistance and scholarships will be available to any student that needs it.
Payment: Payment will be required at a later date and will be announced ahead of time after our students’ spots are all confirmed, but payment is not required for reserving a student’s spot.

Promotional Clips for CIY MIX: Please watch these short videos to get a better understanding of what your student’s experience will be.