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Sermons in Chronological Order

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Sermons By Series

Hezekiah: God Is My Strength

Foundations Sermons 2020

Advent 2019: God Gave His Gift

Woman At the Well Series

First Corinthians: Grace For God’s People

Mark: Disciples of Christ Through the Gospel

Evangel 2019 Series

Guest Preacher Sermons

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Corinthian Calling

“Eating For His Glory”

“Gospel Rights”

“Knowledge, Love, and Freedom”

Passion 2019

“Day of Glory”

“Maundy Thursday”

“Take Up Your Cross” Matthew 27

Corinthian Calling

Called in Christ

White Blood Cells

Always Humbly Trusting: Pastor Derek


Advent 2017

Isaiah’s Messiah

Everlasting Father

Mighty to Save

Cantata 2017

Morning Star

Reformation 500 Celebration

Covenant Relationship

Crooked Thanks

Spiritual Family Part 2

A Spiritual Family Part 1

Saving Friends

Motivations: Go Low to Go High

Divine Relationships

Youth Mission Trip Report 2017

The Gospel of Mark: Discipleship in Christ through the Gospel

The Empty Tomb

The death of Christ

Fruitful Faith

Power from On High from 2 Peter 1

Keeping Our Awe In Jesus

Authority Over Evil

Living Under Christ’s Authority

Bring Us to Jesus

Parables of Promise

Wisdom of Christ from Proverbs 14

Disciples of the Lord From Mark 3

Finding Rest in Jesus from Mark 2 & 3

Healing By Grace from Mark 2

Words of Healing from Mark 1

Join the New Israel from Mark 1

Passion 2017: Living in Light of the Cross

Knowing the Power of the Resurrection


Worship for Life

The Word of Life

Founded in Prayer for 2015 from Mark 1

Hard & Easy from Mark 1

Advent 2016: Witness His Advent

The Blessed Witness from Luke 1

Waiting For Salvation From Luke 2

The King of Kings From Matthew 2

Angels: Witness the Advent of the Miracles from Luke 2

Beautiful Feet: Guest Speaker

Biblical Love: Guest Speaker – Scott Sokol

Be A World Changer from 1 Thessalonians 1: Guest Speaker – Terry Baxter

18 Promises From the Good Shepherd: Guest Speaker – Terry Baxter

Prayer Project

Fatherly Blessings

Prayers From Heaven

Power From Above


Fellowship Foundations

How God Provides from Psalm 78

Devoted to Christ & His Church from Acts 2

Christmas Eve Prelude & Program

Talent Ministry for Christ: Guest Speaker – Scott Sokol

Ten biblical Signs of the End Time From Matthew 24: Guest Speaker – Terry Baxter

Evangel Sermons: Acension, Pentecost, Trinity

Perfect Triune Grace

Spirit of Freedom & Glory

The Gospel of the Ascension

Living By Faith in the Triune God

Advent 2014: Gifts From the Father

Gift of the Spirit from Luke 1 and 2 Corinthians 4

Gift of Acting the Miracle

Gift of Contentment from Phillipians 4

Gifts from the Father from John 1

One Another: Communion with Christ, Communion with Saints

Gifts from One Another from 1 Corinthians 12

Encourage One Another

Freedom for One Another

Speaking to One Another

Embolden One Another

Worship with One Another Form Matthew 5

Hearing the Good Story: Guest Speaker – JP Sundararajan

Persevering Promises: God’s Relentless Grace for the Patriarchs

Our Future in His Past

Heaven On Earth

Wrestling with God

Evidence that Demands A Verdict

Leaving our Past

The Truth About Deceit

The House of God

Grace for Every Generation

By Faith, Not By Sight

Anatomy of Temptation

Birth and Birthright

Holy Family Friction

Deja Vu All Over Again

Luke 7: Guest Speaker – Brent Howland

The Missionary and His Message: Guest Speaker Scot Myhr

Four Questions: Guest Speaker – Brent Howland

Community Easter Services 2014:Why The Cross? Blessings Received from the sufferings of Christ

A Better High Priest

The yoke of Christ

Selling God Short: Guest Speaker – Brad DeVries

Foundations 2014

The One Thing to Seek

Trusting Jesus Inside the Boat

Union With Christ

The Way of Wisdom

The Source and Goal of Prayer

All Things New In Christ jesus

Advent 2013: Psalms of Ascent

Kept By the Advent King

The Lord’s Supper for the People of God

Communion: Fellowship With Jesus

Titus: Godliness by Grace, Discipleship by Doctrine

Divine Change

Christian Excersise

Trained By Grace

1 Kings 19

Titus Chapter One

Guest Speaker: Les DeRoos (April 2013)
Do You Love the World

Easter 2013

The Power of the Cross

Resurrection Rewards