Standing Committees

Several committees meet year round to meet the needs and ministries of our church family. Each committee has a member of our Consistory that serves and assists them. Committee members are chosen annually, usually to serve for a three year term. Committees are looking for men and women who are called and equipped by the Holy Spirit to serve the body of Christ.

Youth Committee
Tom Kozisek
Todd Smeby
Max Kalkwarf
Sharon Welsh
Brian Lund
Ben Goll

Christian Education
Kevin Rauk
Drew Davison
Sue Brozik
Tracey Smeby
Vallie Martin
Ted Greiman
Lance Atwell
Kurk Haack

Property Committee
Kris Wood
Dean Carolus
Tom Schultz
Greg Kumsher
Joel Goll
Gloria Burk

Pastor & Parish Relations
Dave Steen
Angie Greiman
Kurk Haack
Nancy Jass
Jane Davison
Kathy Larson

Mission & Outreach
Al DeWitt
Deb Schmidt
Vallie Martin
Shirley Brown
Rick Hammitt

Music & Worship
Heidi Konz
Wendell Davison
Brenda Steen
Ken Mick
Hilda Greiman
Joel Doble