Zion Confirmation & Catechism Instruction

The Confirmation program at Zion is officially a 3-year program for our youth from 7th – 9th grade. But ultimately, we pray it is simply a part of the life long discipleship that God uses to make them men and women of Christ. They spend this time studying Scripture and biblical doctrine in the Heidelberg Catechism.

Ultimately, we desire these 3 years to be a time of developing spiritual disciplines and habits that will continue for the rest of the Confirmands’ lives. Confirmation is not a set of hoops that our youth need to jump through in order to become members of our church. Confirmation is not a graduation ceremony. Confirmation is about leading our youth to publicly proclaim that Jesus Christ is their own personal Savior and Lord. In Confirmation, our youth confirm that they have received for themselves the New Covenant and all its promises, which Jesus Christ obtained for all His followers by His shed blood on the cross. Confirmation is about leading our youth to be faithful followers (disciples) of Jesus Christ. Confirmation is when our youth are challenged to choose to no longer live for themselves but for our Lord Jesus Christ.

You can download the 2013-14 syllabus here.
We employ Engrade for all grading/tracking in our Confirmation program. Log on here.

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