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Pastor of Christian Education and Youth Ministry at Zion Evangelical and Reformed Church

Sermon: “Take Up Your Cross” From Matthew 27

As we look at “Passion 2019” to celebrate the Resurrection of our Savior, Christians need to keep their eyes fixed on Jesus. The last day before He died on the cross, Jesus shows us so much of Himself, and who … Continue reading

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Casting Our Anxiety

Moses, the author of the book of Exodus is one of my favorite biblical characters. Throughout his life he had been chosen by God to do some amazing things. Yet, Moses struggled with God’s calling on his life and it … Continue reading

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Samson’s Worst Moment

Hello Family of Zion! Welcome to our new addition of the Zion Church website! This will be the first blog post for a new blog series that we will be starting up this month. One of the most tragic verses … Continue reading

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