Pray For Our Youth Mission Trip!

We are excited and hopeful for what God is going to do in our young people next week! Fifteen senior high students and three chaperones will be traveling across the Midwest and down to Kentucky for a mission trip. We are praying for a wonderful week as they partner with YouthWorks for next few days.

We are so grateful these short-term, youth mission trips are possible. We pray that this encourages a culture of missionary zeal, sacrificial love, and outreaching service in our youth and church. We know trips like these would not be possible without the sacrifice of our chaperones, the encouragement of the families sending their kids, and the support and provision of our congregation! Thank God for all of His blessings!

Would you please commit to setting aside time to pray for our team? Below are some suggestions for how you can commit the team to God’s mercies each day.

Prayer Suggestions:

Saturday: Pray for safety on the road, team bonding over the fun at Six Flags Theme Park, and for God to shape these individuals into a strong group of trust and Christian love.

Sunday: Ask the Lord to bless them as they worship in a local church, journey to their mission site destination, and begin to interact with YouthWorks staff on site in Kentucky

Monday: Intercede for relationships that they will begin to form with YouthWorks volunteers, as well as students from across the nation they will be laboring along side of

Tuesday: Pray that God would be working in the hearts of those the Zion youth will be ministering to, that the Lord would have been preparing their hearts to be served, and that it would bear eternal fruit

Wednesday: By grace, intercede for the team that the Spirit would be bonding them together in unity, for God to keep them safe on the work site, and this trip would awaken a heart for missions and the lost in our students

Thursday: Pray for God to move in the hearts of our young people, drawing them to faith in Christ, that they would return transformed by the Spirit of God to live for him by faith unto faith

Friday: Ask for God’s blessings as they say goodbye to new friends, and that He would grant them safety as they being the trip back home

After the Trip: Pray for God to stir your heart to ask the chaperones & students about what they learned, that Zion would continue to be a church that reaches out and prioritizes missions, and that Jesus would seal the lessons our students learned into their hearts to live for Him

About blund

Brian J. Lund is minister of Word & Sacrament at Zion Evangelical & Reformed Church. You can follow him at his website or @BrianJLund.
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