Sanctity of Life Sunday 2021

The third Sunday of January is recognized by churches across the nation as “Sanctity of Life Sunday,” and it is a great opportunity for us to recognize that God is the Author of life, and that we want to serve Him to recognize its sanctity.

Caring Pregnancy Center
One way Zion loves to support God’s plan for the sanctity of life is through the Caring Pregnancy Center in Mason City. They have a number of services for before, during, and even after pregnancy. These services bless not only the mother and baby, but help establish a support system around them.

You can support CPC through your gifts and prayers, as well as learning more about them and their services online.

There are so many ways we can learn what God’s Word says, and how we should respond, to the Sanctity of Life.

Some terrific articles and free PDFs can be found here at LifeMatters Worldwide. They have important resources on forgiveness after abortion, a topic on what God says about euthanasia, and so many more. One reason Christians are against abortion is because it is one of the most racist institutions in our nation – abortion disproportionately affects babies of color. Learning about abortion and racial inequality helps Christians stand up for justice for all people.

When Christians begin to get serious about this issue, especially the issue of pregnancy and the sanctity of each life, we can face complicated problems. For example, how do the two issues of premarital sex (resulting in unwed pregnancy) and the pro-life position resolve with each other? A young girl who has been taught the Biblical truth that sex outside of marriage is sinful, and that pregnancy before marriage can lead to trouble, might be tempted to think that abortion can cover up her consequences. (A young man might come to similar conclusions from his side of the relationship.) Further, if the young lady is convinced of the biblical truth that abortion is sinful, will she come to view the baby as a consequence of sin, with shame & guilt attached to this? Is the only alternative to lessen the view of sin, and to say that premarital sex isn’t so bad?

To young people, their relatives, and our church families that find themselves in this situation, there are at least two biblical truths we need to remember. The first is that all life comes from the sovereign hand of God. A pregnancy from premarital sex is not God punishing that couple, even as premarital sex that doesn’t result in pregnancy or an STI is any less sinful. God is the One Who brings this baby, and all parents, whether prepared or surprised, find pregnancy and a new baby to be a test of faith. Since God is sovereign, a pregnant teen should not ask questions like “why me?”, but should ask “what is God’s purpose for this baby?” and “how is He going to strengthen my faith for this holy task of parenting?” We must exercise faith in accepting the baby that God gives in this situation, as well as how to help the parents of the baby increase in dependent trust on our sovereign Jesus during this time.

The second truth is that God’s Word shows that all life is sacred, but that babies do best in a stable family with a loving father and mother who are committed to God in faith, to each other in Christian marriage, and to the baby in holy parenting. To the unwed teen, a committed marriage is still the best place to raise this baby. If marriage is not something that would help the mother grow closer to Jesus and offer the baby a godly home for covenant nurture, then perhaps adoption can be explored as well. These are difficult issues, that require prayer and wisdom. Consider “God and the Pregnant Teen.”

Ministry Destinations
We have pointed before to the amazing resources at Stand To Reason ministries with Greg Koukl. We have even featured Sanctity of Life resources in the past. Finally, enjoy this wonderful teaching about how the Gospel can help us on this important topic.

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Brian J. Lund is minister of Word & Sacrament at Zion Evangelical & Reformed Church. You can follow him at his website or @BrianJLund.
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