COVID-19 Policies For Zion (Updated 11/28)

Beginning the first Sunday after Thanksgiving, Nov 29th, we will be changing the schedule for the next several weeks. Sunday mornings will be as follows:

8:30 – 9:20 | Early Worship service (masks required)
9:30 – 10:15 | Sunday school for all ages
10:30 – 11:20 | Second worship service (livestream, masks not required)

This schedule allows us to bring our Sunday school program back, as well as sanitize the sanctuary and rooms in between time blocks.

If you come to the early service, please wear a mask/covering, and we will have extra masks at the door if you forget. Social distancing and masks are still encouraged at the 10 am service, but not required.

We know that some in our church family cannot attend worship if everyone else is not also wearing a mask. By ensuring that everyone wears a mask at the early service, this will be a blessing to our church family members that we love so much.

In all of our worship services, we will have reduced singing. We have been advised that singing is a key form of spreading coronavirus, and that steps taken to reduce the amount of singing is important. During music, we will provide the lyrics to songs to silently meditate upon in the pew, and we will still sing the Doxology at the end of the service as usual.

All children’s Sunday school classes will meet in the Fellowship Hall in the basement, and have singing socially distanced before going to their Sunday school classes. The adult Sunday school class will meet in the sanctuary. Our class sizes and rooms fall within the parameters set for Iowa congregations.

Adult Sunday school class will meet in the sanctuary.

If you have questions, please contact us. We are SO thankful we can rely on the Lord to lead us through these uncertain times. Please pray with us for God’s wisdom and guidance for the future.

If it becomes clear that one of the above policies isn’t working, don’t worry! We will admit the mistake, ask for forgiveness, and try something different. None of this is permanent! No one – other than the Lord above – knows exactly how things will proceed. We are praying for a joyful attitude to trust God in this uncertain time. We ask you, our church family, to joyfully come along with us on this exciting adventure of faith as we follow Jesus together!

See all Zion policy announcements due to COVID-19 and/or coronavirus here.

About blund

Brian J. Lund is minister of Word & Sacrament at Zion Evangelical & Reformed Church. You can follow him at his website or @BrianJLund.
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