Voting In Christ For the Midterms


Elections are upon us again, and it is always important for Christians to remember something about who they are: we are dual citizens (Ephesians 2:19). As we think about how our citizenship from heaven (Philippians 3:20) teaches us about voting for earthly kingdoms, there are several things we want to consider. Use the following articles and links to grow in thinking carefully about how to vote this year.

Psalm 107: A Brief Meditation For Election Week

The motto, “In God We Trust,” was still embossed on their coins, but they had made covenants with other rulers out of a short-sighted obsession with temporal security. They were no longer concerned about holiness, righteousness, justice, and peace. They had changed, calling good evil and evil good. No longer was God and his kingdom their reference point; instead, they became their own lords and chose rulers who mirrored their own hypocrisy. They refused to raise their eyes to heaven. Israel demanded some political arrangement that would satisfy their narcissism. But there is only one problem, the psalmist registers: pompous rulers die, just like everyone else. Once their breath leaves them, their big plans come to an end.
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How should Christians approach election day?

With just a few days to go until Election Day, Americans are increasingly turning their focus to politics. According to the US Elections Project, in 2014 (the last midterm election), approximately 37 percent of eligible voters actually made it to the ballot box. Elections are an important avenue for Americans to register their opinions about the direction of the nation and their local communities.

Given that, I was recently asked how Christians should think about the elections and how we should engage this moment. My answer: Be informed, not ignorant; be discerning about politics, not dogmatic; and dialogue without dehumanizing.
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Political Jesus: Voting and Trusting

You may have noticed that everyone has an opinion about which candidate evangelical Christians should support. I don’t know about you, but I get frustrated when I overhear brothers and sisters in Christ describe one candidate as inherently superior to another…

At the end of the day, even the breath of the best politicians will depart and return to the earth and all of the promises they made and the plans they had will fade away with them. This is true for all of us. But it is not true of King Jesus. Christ has died. Christ is risen. Christ will come again. Trust not in presidents.
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Honor God 2018

The Family Leader wants Christians to remember to make this election count by honoring God. It can start with something as practical as finding out where your precinct/polling place is. It is knowing why Christians ought to care for this responsibility. And so much more!
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Zion Resources: How Can We Vote to the Glory of God?

As Christians, who in God’s providence reside in the United States, we should have a desire for God’s will to be done here on earth as it is being done in heaven (Matt. 6:10). As citizens of the heavenly Jerusalem, we need to keep in mind that we are strangers and exiles in this world who are looking for a heavenly country (Hebrews 11:13-16); nevertheless, we do reside here in the United States for now as ambassadors of Christ, representing King and country. So, like every other earthly citizen in our nation, we have a responsibility to be faithful citizens.

As we consider Tuesday’s elections, we must remember that this world is passing away (1 John 2:17). Our mission is not to establish Christianity as the state religion through elections; nor is it to impose Christian doctrine through legislation. Our mission is to proclaim the glorious gospel of Christ so that people may be transformed by the power of God’s gospel to become true worshipers of Jesus Christ and citizens of the heavenly Jerusalem.
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Brian J. Lund is minister of Word & Sacrament at Zion Evangelical & Reformed Church. You can follow him at his website or @BrianJLund.
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