Hancock Co Bible Reading Begins

HancockBibleWe highlighted earlier to an opportunity to bring God’s Word to our county courthouses. The Hancock Bible Reading Marathon begins today! You can still sign up for the remaining blocks here. When your time slot comes, here are some guidelines to assist you in your service. In case you have questions or need assistance, please call Pastor Stan Johnson at (641) 860-1665. Thanks for serving this way!

  1. Thank you for being a part of this Marathon! It is our aim to honor Jesus Christ by proclaiming His Word over our county.  It is not our aim to capture a crowd’s attention.  This is not a performance.  We are simply joining groups like ours across the state who desire to see our nation return to righteousness.
  2. You may use your own personal Bible or one of the Bibles we have provided.
  3. You will pick up the reading where the previous volunteer has left off. To make that possible please check off each chapter you have completed on the provided checklist, and place a bookmark in the provided Bible so our next volunteer knows where to begin.
  4. If other people come during your time slot, we will have a second Bible available with its own checklist and podium. That Bible will initially be used to read the New Testament.  Once the New Testament is finished, it can be used to read the Old Testament starting with the last chapter of the book of Malachi, and reading the previous chapter, 4-3-2-1, and then to Zechariah 14, etc.  (If we follow this pattern which is also being used by other counties in the state, we can work our way backwards thru the Old Testament until we meet the first group.)
  5. The podiums can be moved into shady spots pretty much anywhere on the west lawn of the courthouse. However, we have agreed to stay at least ten feet away from sidewalks during business hours.  In addition, we have been asked to avoid using the public restrooms in the Courthouse.
  6. Due to safety considerations, we are not to use or take shelter on the front steps on the west side of the courthouse.
  7. In event of rain, you may take shelter under the portable canopy that Dennis Guth is providing, or choose to read at the doorway in front of the Law Enforcement Center.
  8. When darkness falls, we may use the light at the entrance of the Law Enforcement Center while continuing to read the Scripture through the night (or use a Bible app on your phone).
  9. At the end of your reading, please police the area for garbage (wrappers, empty water bottles, etc.) and make sure they are disposed of properly.
  10. If there is no volunteer to replace you, please put the Bibles, etc. in the provided backpack and leave with the podiums on the lawn near the entrance to the Law Enforcement Center.
  11. And this from our state leader: “It is amazing watching God take charge.  I know He will come through for you no matter what it looks like.  Be ready for the unexpected!  Even how He might have you accomplish the reading!”

Sign up here!

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Brian J. Lund is minister of Word & Sacrament at Zion Evangelical & Reformed Church. You can follow him at his website or @BrianJLund.
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