Happy Mother’s Day!


Happy Mother’s Day to all those special women in our lives! We pray the following articles and readings encourage and strengthen you in your journey of faith to follow Christ in this vocation called “motherhood.” May you labor in the strength He provides!

Honoring Amazing Mothers

Mothers are mind-blowing people if you stop to look at them.

In their body, they can carry, feed, protect, and eventually deliver a child — a human being, like you or me. They often set aside personal gifts and aspirations for the sake of the family. They very often are the ones to confront and conquer the warzone of the home — a world of overwhelming, ever-changing, and ever-undone demands. When life allows, they’re often the more present and available parent as boys and girls very quickly become young men and young women… We simply do not — and cannot — celebrate these women enough.

I wonder whether we’ve lost our awe and appreciation for the glory of the work of the home, of the work of making men and women, that mothers do. Honor your mother by:
1. Listen to her more intently
2. Watch her more carefully
3. Thank her more regularly
4. Share with her more openly
Get the whole scoop at “Confessions of A Grown-Up Momma’s Boy” at Desiring God

Good News for Mother’s Day

Striving to be the “Best Mom Ever” will leave you feeling exhausted and unworthy. Thankfully, that’s not your calling as a mom. None of us will live up to “Number One Mom!” coffee mugs or t-shirts…

Christ died for moms! My friends, let’s stop living as if this truth were not a reality. If anyone needs to know that their calling is not about perfection, it is mothers. Motherhood is messy. It is a beautiful, gnarly, exciting, and exhausting calling. And if we make it about us, condemnation or pride will be hiding around every corner.
Read about “Good News for Mother’s Day” at The Resurgence

Mightiest Miracle: Getting Mothers Not to Worry

After conversing with some mothers about their particular worries, certain reoccurring themes became clear. Their top five worries are: 1) Safety (kids, family); 2) Health (physical, emotional, frienships); 3) Marriage (quality, content); 4) Competence; 5) Faith.

Jesus asks mothers – and all of us! – to discover, examine, and trust, to understand His divine plan for mothers prone to worry. And when we do, the most amazing salvation is in store for us in Christ!
Continue learning to resist worry in “This Mother’s Day, Don’t Worry” at The Gospel Coalition

African Missionaries Teach Us About Sacrificial Motherhood

To be sure, mothers do make sacrifices for their children in a thousand little ways each day. But we have to define and evaluate these things with an eternal perspective. Like Livingstone we should ask: Is that service to my child a sacrifice that brings its own blest reward in their well-being, the consciousness of serving God, peace of mind, and a bright hope of a glorious destiny?

Conversely stated, when a mother triumphs in the gospel, her bright hope in Jesus outshines any earthly gain she could have had from holding back from her child Jesus’s sacrificial love.
Grab the rest of “Missional Moms Who Never Make Sacrifices” at the Verge Network

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Brian J. Lund is minister of Word & Sacrament at Zion Evangelical & Reformed Church. You can follow him at his website or @BrianJLund.
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