Love for Singles and Married on Valentine’s Day

No matter what your love life looks like this Valentines Day, the love of God the Father in Christ Jesus challenges and transforms us into the image of the Son. Because He loved us, we ought to love one another!

How does God’s love inform our marriage? It helps us to stay committed to our vows before God and man:

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But what about for those of us who are single? Valentines Day can be really frustrating… how does God’s love help then? Check out the following article.

Nine Lies for Singles to Avoid

Valentine_Singles_RightTomorrow is Valentine’s Day, perhaps one of the more polarizing holidays of our year. It’s very fun and exciting for the love birds, too commercial and insincere for the skeptics, and sometimes especially lonely for the single.

Singleness’s greatest sorrows are secretly reinforced every February in the souls of the not-yet-married still waiting for their wedding day. While many of our friends and family are inundated with dates, flowers, chocolate, and love notes, lots and lots of the valentine-less are overwhelmed with everything from impatience to bitterness, from shame to regret to confusion.

There will likely be good-intentioned, lovingly-naive husbands and wives who forget the emotional complexities of unwanted singleness and enthusiastically encourage you to just enjoy this season of “dating Jesus.” Yes, Jesus is our only hope and cure, but it won’t be in some hopelessly romantic, chocolate-covered, neatly-wrapped way. The truth is that the unfulfilled desire for a companion and lover, especially year after year, much more often feels like the grief and bondage of joblessness or infertility than the uninhibited emotional and devotional freedom many imagine. “It is not good for man to be alone.”

Being single means being selfish, anxious, only caring about the present or the future, and nine other lies singles believe. Read the whole article at Desiring God→

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Brian J. Lund is minister of Word & Sacrament at Zion Evangelical & Reformed Church. You can follow him at his website or @BrianJLund.
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