Thinking God’s Thoughts on the Fourth of July

Rev. Rick Phillips, writing for Reformation21, has some excellent thoughts for Christians with the upcoming holiday. Take a moment to read his insights.


Thoughts on Christian Patriotism

by Rick Phillips
On July 4, our nation celebrates its independence with waving flags, picnics, and parades. Some churches deck their sanctuary with red, white, and blue, and devote the worship service to the honor of the state. Other Christians virtually ignore this or any other national holiday. This raises the question, “How does Christianity tell us to think about patriotism?” … I am probably not typical in that my conversion to faith in Jesus Christ, which occurred when I was 30 years old, required me immediately to recast my ideas of patriotism. At first, I was tempted to reject the idea of patriotism altogether, since I had been transferred out of the world into the kingdom of Jesus Christ. However, even though my relationship with Jesus greatly altered my attitude towards flag and country, I soon realized that there is a Christian patriotism that believers should feel towards their country… Let me point out patriotic views and attitudes that Christians must reject [and should accept]. Continue reading at Reformation 21…

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Brian J. Lund is minister of Word & Sacrament at Zion Evangelical & Reformed Church. You can follow him at his website or @BrianJLund.
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