Planet Wisdom 

I am excited to go to Planet Wisdom on December 1 & 2nd! Here’s the description –
PlanetWisdom is a two-day, regional discipleship conference designed to challenge middle and high school students to dig deeper into the Bible and see their world from God’s perspective.
Your students will hear teaching they can relate to. They’ll have opportunities to reflect and engage—as a group and independently—using their own PlanetWisdom journals to guide them more fully into the Bible.

All details are found here.

No ticket or room costs!
Spending Money (meals, gifts, etc.): Your decision!

Zion has generously decided to pay the way for each of our Confirmands! There is no cost to your student. However, your student will be responsible for four (4) meals – Friday evening, and three meals on Saturday. Please send enough money for these meals, and snacks, or gifts they might choose to purchase.

The schedule will be as follows.

Thursday Night/Friday Morning
• 8:00am/pm Drop luggage @ Church
• 3:00pm Pick Up From GHV Jr. High
• 5:30pm Check-In and Lobby Opens
• 6:30pm Auditorium Doors Open
• 7:00pm Youth Leader Gathering
• 7:30pm Session 1
• 9:00pm Session 2
• 10:30pm Friday Night Ends
• 8:30am Doors Open
• 9:00am Session 3
• 10:45am Session 4
• 12:30pm Lunch (on your own)
• 1:55pm Youth Leader Gathering
• 2:00pm Session 5
• 3:30pm Session 6
• 4:30pm PlanetWisdom Ends
• 7:00pm Drop off at Garner

What to Pack:
Swimsuit (modest)
Pillows/Sleep needs
Comfortable clothes Friday night/Saturday
Please bring all luggage to Zion church Thursday night or Friday a.m.

Questions? Contact Pastor Brian!