The Godly Family

“I’m so glad I’m apart, of the family of God!” The classic words sung by many Christians don’t always translate over to our nuclear family. Fights & quarrels, struggling to love one another, or simply learning to put Christ at the center of family, can be a challenge for new Christians as well as seasoned saints. What practical steps can people take to have Jesus be the Lord of their family?

The family is important in Scripture. Our marriages are to reflect Christ’s love for the Church. Our parenting reflects our heavenly Father’s care for us. Our family bonds reflects our communion in the Lord. Our singleness or widowhood echoes the angelic order and Jesus, the Bridegroom awaiting His Bride. So if we’re convinced the Bible wants us to show biblical truth in our families, how can we take the next step to let grace lead us?

That brings us to The Godly Family project at Zion! Revolving around seminars, resources, parties, get-togethers, and more events, we will be giving all sorts of new opportunities for parents, spouses, children, and relatives to think about what God’s Word teaches for our families.

Family Seminar May 3 & 4

We want to kick things off with a terrific video conference on May 3 and 4! Paul Tripp is a wonderful Bible teacher who emphasizes the biblical truths of God’s grace for our families. With plenty of tips for parents, and those who “parent” their grandchildren or Sunday school kids, his insights are so helpful!

Here’s a preview of what you can expect!

Schedule too busy to make it on May 3 & 4! Don’t worry, we will be offering the video content straight to your home! Watch at your convenience, and then join us for a coffee discussion/application of the material at a future date!

Are you interested in being a part of The Godly Family?! Contact Pastor Brian today!

Stay tuned for future events on marriage, parenting, family needs, caring for aging parents, and so much more!