Christmas Eve

This year, the Christmas Eve prelude will be a video recorded online, able to be viewed on December 24th. If you would like your child to perform a piece for the Christmas Eve prelude, please create a video of your child’s piece on your phone, tablet, or video camera, and send the video to Zion here.

Here are a few reminders for when you are creating your video:
1. Don’t shoot a vertical (portrait) video, shoot a horizontal (landscape) video
2. Use a tripod or steady surface for a smooth video
3. Check your lighting, that it is bright enough, but not flushing out your child
4. Make sure no background noise or distracting audio diminish your video
5. Watch your video before sending, to make sure it is correct

Once completed, click this link for a prompt to upload your video to Zion’s account.

All videos are due by Tuesday, Dec 22nd. If you have questions, please contact us.